Share Your Music With AIM BuddyTunes

Share Your Music With AIM BuddyTunes

So what does this plugin do?  It will stream your iTunes music library to your buddies with AIM Buddy Tunes. This plugin extends iTunes network streaming to your friends on your buddy list, so they can hear what great musical taste you have. Browse songs and playlists and just click play to listen. 

To get started make sure you turn on your sharing preference in iTunes.  You can do that via the Edit menu in iTunes and choosing Preferences.  Select the Sharing tab and make sure “Look for Shared Music” and “Share my library on my local network” are both checked.  Download the plugin and run AIM 6.1 or AIM Lite.  In the shared list you will see other buddies music libraries who have the plugin installed.

Very interesting, and I definitely don’t see this being around “officially” for very long before the record companies bitch slap AOL for this one. I grabbed a copy of this plugin so if/when they take it down let me know and I’ll throw up a mirror for it. Oh, and too bad it only works with iTunes. I dropped iTunes like the bad habit that it really was…

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