The Children of Hurin – The Lost Tolkien Novel

The Lost Tolkien Novel

Just heed this warning: The Children of Húrin is a darker, bitterer tale than we’re used to seeing from Tolkien. Its hero is proud and imperfect and willful — more Boromir than Frodo — and his story is full of accidents and disasters, poisoned barbs and ruinous betrayals and grievous misunderstandings. Which makes sense: after all, if the good guys had beaten the forces of darkness in the First Age, they wouldn’t have been stuck with Sauron in the Third.

I am incredibely excited to get my hands on this. I usually don’t get to read much for “fun” anymore, and this might just be the book that will make me. Don’t get me wrong, reading about DOM and Javascript is sorta fun, but in a different way. The wikipedia link for this book as a little bit more information as well.

By the way, you can buy this book right now on Amazon, The Children of Hurin. I’ll be picking this up very soon.