My Problem with Catholicism

So my grandmother passed away… (I am not saying that to get sympathy, (but thank you), I am saying that to explain this better).
My mother calls the church that she had attended for nearly 60 years to setup a mass…
The dickhead at the church says to my mother “My records here show that Jennie hasn’t donated to the church in nearly 10 years…”
Are you fucking kidding me? She was married there, my grandfather’s mass was there, and oh right she went there for 60 years of her life …and all this asshole can talk about to my grieving mother is money?
I am sorry, but fuck that, and fuck Catholicism
Did I tell you what happened when my mother tried to get me baptized?
My mother asks the guy if I could be baptized soon…
The prick says to my mother “Why don’t we wait and see what your donations look like and then we’ll talk about it”
….um, again, fuck that
Just for the record (and for clarity)
Different church
Different guy
SAME attitude
Yes I am venting, but this is seriously bullshit. And you’d really like to try and tell me that religion is something I am missing? Sorry, but I am definitely not missing this kind of bullshit.