A More Mature Me: v2.0

I realized something the other day while I was sitting in class. I answered probably close to 6 questions back to back. A friend nudged me and said “teacher’s pet” and I whispered to him “well then you answer the damn question.”
This illustrates my point quite nicely in that I’ve realized that I’ve “grown up” a bit now that I have gone back to school. I used to be that kid, sitting in the class who knows the answer, but I don’t want to be the person to raise my hand. The teacher would patiently wait for someone to answer in awkward silence until they would slowly nudge the class towards the answer they wanted (the same answer that everyone already knew).
My point is this, I am tired of wasting time, I am tired of playing stupid or lazy, and therefore I am going to raise my hand to answer the question if no one else will instead of sitting there in an idiotic silence. If that makes me a “teacher’s pet” then I don’t give a damn. I see the people that I am taking classes with and realize that I am in such a difference place then these “kids”. I am not really that much older then most of them (I’ll be 24 in April), but I feel like have a bit more maturity than most of them. Perhaps it is just me, but the “sitting in silence when you know the answer” behavior I just described seems like a very juvenile behavior, but I admit that I could be wrong.