Full Resolution Images from Flickr

Have you ever found an image on Flickr and looked for a higher resolution copy of the image to use as a wallpaper only to find that the author has decided not to offer anything larger than the small teaser copy of the image?
Well you’re in luck (most of the time).
It turns out that with a little bit of exploring you can easily get a full resolution copy of any image that is displayed on Flickr. Two notes: 1. I do not condone stealing someone else’s work. I only use this hack to acquire a high resolution copy of an image for my personal use as a wallpaper. 2. This hack only works if the person uploaded the original high resolution copy of the image (which is pretty often).
Here is how to hack Flickr to get full resolution images:
Let’s use this image as an example… see how he only offers this small image?
Step 1: Right Click on the page, View Source (IE is a little different)
Step 2: Control + F … Search for ”JavaScript-enabled” (without the quotes)
Step 3: When you find that inside the source, look for a link that looks like this: “http://farm1.static.flickr.com/97/253376175_e4e532e1dc_t.jpg”
Step 4: Copy that link and paste it into your browser
Step 5: You now have a t (t = thumbnail)of the image …replace t with o (o = original)
Step 6: Enjoy your full sized image.
[Update] Apparently this post has rubbed a few people the wrong way. I guess we’ll see what happens, but keep in mind…by no means did I discover this hack. I read about something similar nearly 6 months ago and just took it in a different direction. Don’t shoot the messenger, but feel free to keep sending me angsty emails, I am ok with those.