CSS-Based Tables: Modern Solutions

CSS-Based Tables: Modern Solutions

We continue to present some of the best CSS-techniques which web-developers can always use working on their current web-project.

Their are plenty of people who will try to scream that “tables are bad!!” death to tables!!” yada yada yada. Well, these people are morons.

Tables still have a very important place in modern designs. The problem in the past stemmed from designers using tables incorrectly to determine the shape of a webpage. Tables are only, yes only, meant to convey tabular information. I am sure you can figure out what kind of data this is, but it includes numbers, prices, percentages, etc. Roger has a rather good writeup with more details about using tables properly.

I am diverging from the point, this article is a great demonstration of several modern ways of implementing tables when you need to use one.

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