Adobe Icons: Icon’t

Talking about application icons definitely falls under that banner; as a crime against humanity, it ranks somewhere around the level of accidentally using 1% milk instead of skim in someone’s coffee. There are indeed more important things to worry about in this world. A lot of them. That said… what in the world led them down this path? Paint chips! For an entire suite of application icons!

New Adobe Icons and Branding
What a Mess
Well it’s official, Adobe has lost it. Adobe recently showcased the icons for the upcoming Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3). If you take a look at the actual icons you might figure out what all the fuss is about. View the icons here. Yep, they are hideous (pardon Adobe’s pathetic attempt at luring artists with the pretty little color wheel). These must be the single ugliest collection of icons currently available on either the Windows or Mac OS platforms. The scary thing is that Adobe spent all kinds of time and a painful amount of effort to make them look like this. Their idea is that these icons will grab people’s attention because they are so ass ugly different. So my question is, what the hell makes Adobe Acrobat so special that its icon stays white? See what I am talking about here:
Adobe CS3 – Adobe Acrobat
At least be consistently ugly. Needless to say, it’s an icon, who cares, yada yada yada. It’s quite easy to replace the icon with something that won’t make you gag quite like the default icon will. Way to go Adobe! All kinds of R&D completely wasted.

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