Is Your Browser Compatible? CSS Selectors Test

CSS Selectors Test Suite
Yes this is fairly useless, but regardless it is still interesting to me. For the record:
Firefox v2.0.0.1 – From the 43 selectors 26 have passed, 10 are buggy and 7 are unsupported (Passed 357 out of 578 tests)
Internet Explorer 7 – From the 43 selectors 13 have passed, 4 are
buggy and 26 are unsupported (Passed 330 out of 578 tests)
Doesn’t sound like that big of a different 357 versus 330, but the big one is 26 passed for Firefox v2.0.0.1 while only 13 for IE7. This is the beginning of how and why IE7 is so far behind in terms of web standards support.
Interesting stuff, none the less. Here is a bit more information about CSS Selectors (2.1) if you are curious.