IE7 – No, Not the Browser


IE7 loads and parses all style sheets into a form that Explorer can understand. You can then use most CSS2/CSS3 selectors without having to resort to CSS hacks.  The lightweight script is a single-line inclusion in your HTML/XML document. No alteration of your original markup is necessary. Neither do you have to alter your CSS.

Perhaps I am the only one who thinks it’s incredibely stupid confusing to name a javascript project with the same name as a popular web browser. Oh well. It’s confusingly named, but it works absolute wonders.

Here is a list of some of the things you can “add” to Internet Explorer 5/6/7 :

  • supports the following CSS selectors:

    • namespace|selector
    • parent > child
    • adjacent + sibling
    • adjacent ~ sibling
    • [attr], [attr=”value”], [attr~=”value”] etc
    • .multiple.classes (fixes bug)
    • :hover, :active, :focus (for all elements)
    • :first-child, :last-child, only-child, nth-child, nth-last-child
    • :check, :disabled, :enabled
    • :root, :empty, :contains(), :not()
    • :before/:after/content:
    • :lang()

  • works with both HTML and XML documents
  • supports imported style sheets
  • preserves the cascade of the style sheet
  • does not alter the document structure
  • does not repeatedly query the DOM

    tree using JavaScript
  • uses pure CSS to enforce style sheet rules
  • supports the W3C box model in both standards and quirks mode
  • supports fixed positioning (flicker free)
  • supports overflow:visible
  • supports min/max-width/height
  • fixes broken (X)HTML elements (abbr, object)
  • standardies forms behavior
  • supports PNG alpha transparency
  • lightweight script (22K)
  • completely modular (add/remove fixes)
  • works for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+ (Windows only)

I know you’re as excited as I am. wink

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