Carbonite Online Backup

Carbonite Online Backup

  • Unlimited storage capacity for your PC backups
  • Automatically finds all your data files—photos, documents, music, emails, everything
  • Always on – just connect to the Internet
  • Set and forget – just start Carbonite and relax
  • Instantly detects and backs up changed files
  • Never slows down your computer or Internet
  • Exclude files you don’t want to back up
  • Strong encryption for super security

The downside? It only works on Windows PCs (as does Mozy). Mac users are out of luck for now.

I’ve been using this for a few days now, since reading about it over at TechCrunch, and I must admit that I am quite impressed. This is the first online backup application I have seen that you literally can “set it and forget it”. The pricing plan is very affordable as well, $5 a month for unlimited storage. Yes, they claim to offer $5 for unlimited storage. The upload is capped at 2GB of transfer to Carbonite’s servers, but that is hardly a problem considering that is a pretty good chunk of data. Inversely, if you need to use the restore functionality of Carbonite, you can download up to 15GB a day from Carbonite’s servers.

The only slight problem I have with this wonderful service is that while they claim to “never slow down your internet” I have noticed some slight slow down every once in a while. However, there is a option to lower the priority of Carbonite’s internet transfer which seems to fix this.

Sign up for a 3 Month Trial

Use the above link to try out this wonderful service for 3 months for absolutely free. No credit card, nada. 

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