World Exclusive: Vista Ultimate to be $450 on Canada

image Canada has released pricing for Windows Vista. Coincidentally, Microsoft has now removed the price list. Above is an image of the price list before it was removed. Sadly the page itself was not cached by Google in time. I should have thought about taking a local copy of the site, but sadly I did not. I do feel somewhat happy that a story I broke is showing up all over the world today. *pats self on the back*
All Canadian to US conversions were done using the Bank of Canada website
Prices in U.S.D as of 8/28/06
Vista Ultimate
-Upgrade: $269.931
-Full Retail: $450.581
Vista Home Premium
-Upgrade: $179.691
-Full Retail: $269.931
Vista Home Basic
-Upgrade: $116.483
-Full Retail: $233.862
Vista Business
-Upgrade: $224.832
-Full Retail: $342.215

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