Try Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) without updating

Try Internet Explorer 7 without updating
Here’s how to try Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) without having to install it and update from IE6.

1. Extract all the files from IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe in one folder using WinRAR.
2. Delete: folder, update and files, ie4uinit.exe spuninst.exe spupdsvc.exe install.ins
3. Create a new empty text document and rename it to iexplore.exe.local
4. Done! Run iexplore.exe

I won’t tell you where to get IE7 Preview Beta 2 Build 5299 *cough*, but if you happen to find it, this is all you need to do to try it out. It’s still IE, and in that sense it’s definitely still lacking in rendering and CSS support, but it is a vast improvement over IE6. Try at your own risk. Beta 2 once it is officially released will be a public preview so you can just wait if you’d like to be all official and such. tongue rolleye

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