Top 10 Websites You Should Know About

Top 10 Websites You Should Know About

Recently a ton of great sites have popped up on the internet. Many of them you may not have heard of, that is the main point of this post. I’ve decided not to list popular well known sites such as flickr and others (although it could be disputed what is well known and what isn’t).

#1 – A small upstart company that has brought trillian ( like features to the web. You can access Yahoo! Messanger, Jabber, Gtalk, AIM, ICQ and MSN directly through the web in a desktop like enviroment that supports multiple connections to different IM networks much like trillian.

#2 – Another cool web 2.0 creation. If you are like me you tend to forget to do things. Also if you are like me you are connected to the world in some fashion no matter where you go (my cellphone has yet to leave my side in years). Remeberthemilk is excellent because it supports reminders via cellphones, email and instant messaging.

#3 (Site might be down) – Blinklist is another bookmark management site competing for attention ever since the success of However Blinklist has a snazzy look and a bunch of awesome features that make dull in comparison. Make sure to check this site out to see all the different features it sports.

#4 – Some might call the killer. It might well be. is an excellent technology news source that has put editorial control back in the hands of users. Digg is worth a look, or a blink (see #3).

#5 – is a nifty little search engine that will most likely always live in Google’s shadow but is worth a look all the same. Clusty like its name implies clusters your search results into different categories which makes finding the desired information you are searching for easier. There are a bunch of other small features that make this search engine worth checking out.

#6 – Word processing on the web? It was bound to happen eventually. Writely is the perfect for firing up that word document in the library or … well I’m not sure how often you run into a computer without word processing. Regardless of its usability it still is pretty cool.

#7 – is kind of hard to describe. It is part social music tagger, part personal radio and well I guess you have to check it out to figure out the rest. Basically if you find yourself listening to lots of music while you are at your computer might well become your best friend… well a new site you check out lots at least.

#8 – Is the haven for all things tutorial. Its huge database offers a range tutorials on anything from ColdFusion to Microsoft Outlook. The tutorials are all computer related (you won’t find out how to install the plumbing here).

#9 – offers a unique approach to keeping and sharing bookmarks (something that seems to be all the rage recently). Check it out if you have more bookmarks then you know what to do with.

#10 – Pandora is an excellent music discovery site.

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