More Cools Things About Meebo

Meebois interesting service which lets you IM from anywhere just using a web browser, I talked about in an earlier entry. I didn’t think about it until just yesterday…using this service you can get around any type of firewalls and/or restrictions on software installed on a computer. Now students using school computers and employees on work computers can IM without problem. I will state the obvious in case you’re missing the point here. School and work computers typical have restrictions that block software from being installed, and they typically have in place firewalls that block the ports used by IM software to communicate. Here’s the cool thing, with Meebo you’re only browsing the web. If you can browse the web, then you can use Meebo, then you can use IM rasberry Now obviously, they could block if they wanted to get tricky, but this requires a bit more intelligence on the part of these people, and I think we can all agree…most of the sysadmins don’t have that kind of intelligence or motivation. Also…I won’t go into here, but we all know it’s not difficult to get around sites been blocked right?  cool smirk

On an entirely different note, Meebo has been doing a lot of updates as of late. They now support logging in and appearing offline. They also prompt you to verify that you in fact wanted to log off if the page tries to refresh. This service is just getting better every day. According to the developer’s blog they are planning adding in IRC, possibly VOIP, and maybe even a skype-like program. Keep an eye on this one.

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