Blogography: The Six Stages of Technological Acceptance

Blogography: The Six Stages of Technological Acceptance

Blissful Ignorance – People seem to start in a state of blissful ignorance. They are not aware of what is going on around them and frankly don’t care.

Denial– People have heard about this new technology, but it’ll never take off and its not something they will ever need to know.

Anger – People don’t get why everybody else thinks the technology is interesting and they don’t, so they get angry.

Acceptance – Finally people come to the conclusion that if enough people think the technology is interesting, they better start learning about it or risk being left behind.

Understanding – The light-bulb goes on and people start to get why the new technology is so interesting.

Enthusiasm – People get good at the new ways of thinking and actually start getting other people interested in the technology.

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