I guess in theory I am dumb now

I got my wisdom teeth out Thursday afternoon. Boy was that fun. Considering all of my dental experiences (don’t ask) I opted to go with the nitrous oxide gas, and let me tell you…you need to try this stuff. I went from “this gas doesn’t really seem to be doing anything” to “i think that is my face that he is poking, but I am not really so sure” in about 2 minutes.  LOL It was quite interesting though, I had some serious deja vu right before the doctor began his stuff. I totally remember the assistant lady asking if I was ok and asking if my toes felt a little tingly, so weird. Then, while my entire body was basically cracked out on this wonderful nitrous gas my mind was more or less totally functional. They had given me a walkman to listen to so I wouldn’t hear the drilling (yeah like that almost worked), but I had to focus so much energy on finding the right button to change the station that I just gave up half way through the procedure. Also, I was trying so hard not to have the music too loud so that I wouldn’t be able to hear the doctor if he said anything to me…hence, it was pretty futile. Although, I now have a new found hatred forKelly Clarkson and Will Smith (there was nothing on the radio)… Also, I have a strange liking of the doctors eyes now for some reason. I think it may have something to do with everything else in the room appearing totally cracked out and his eyes were the only thing not spinning. Also, this is the man who made the “You’re going to be just ___ ____ after this” joke…I was cracked out of my mind and I still wanted to beat him senseless with his own shoe. 

Once I got home I felt more or less ok because the novocaine was still in full effect. I had to try and take my first round of pain killers and boy let me tell you how fun that one was. Try swallowing a pill the size of a small baby when you lips and tongue are almsot entirely numb…wow that must have been attractive to watch. I flopped on the bed, started to watch a terrible movie and began to ice my face. Somewhere near the end of the movie the effects of the novocaine were all but gone and my face was going to let me know that. Wow….it felt like I had been hit in the face with a baseball bat a few times, before being beat senseless. Then the pain killers finally started to kick in and that was it for the pain more or less. Hydrocodone is some pretty good stuff once it finally gets going. Anyways, I still can’t eat solid foods for all intensive purposes…you would never think one could get sick of soft foods until you have no choice but to eat things with the consistency of baby food. Only a few more days I hope…I am off to take my pain killers and then to crawl into bed.