Site Update: Blogroll v2.0 Beta

This is something I’ve been working on for a little while now and have finally tweaked it enough that I thought I’d share it with people and see if they can break it…lol.  LOL Actually, I just wanted to see if people liked it.

The New Blogroll

A little bit of an explanation of the chaotic thing at the top of that page…That is what is called a Tag Cloud. The idea is that each one of the links in the RSS Feeds list gets scanned word by word and this Tag Cloud is created several times throughout the day with the words that appear most often. The larger the font of the word, the more often the word appears. This is supposed to provide a visual reference that tells you what kind of things I am reading in my RSS Feeds. The rest of the page should be pretty self explanatory. The little icons next to the links are what are known as Favicons. Basically if you’ve ever seen that little icon in the address bar for a website it’s supposed to be a type of “branding”…therefore you’re more often to recognize a certain website based on recognizing that icon. This feature is iffy at best because the entire process of discovery this favicon is automated by the system and doesn’t quite always work right. All this said, feel free to play around, click things, break things, and let me know what you think.

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