Google Map Hack & Chicago Crime Data

Cheap Gas

Housing Finder

In recent weeks we’ve seen some great Google Maps hacks (HousingMaps, Google’s own Ride Finder, etc.), but this weekend Adrian has brought us something truly innovative. He’s merged Google map data with Chicago crime data to present a once a day updated crime map of the entire city, including some really nice summarized data. Adrian calls the project How long till we have real time crime data showing up on Google’s map? Pull open HousingMaps next to and figure out if that low rent apartment is truly worth it. Or is this all a clever trick on Google’s part to build up more and more third parties dependent upon Google? There’s also a cheap gas hack as well.

Pretty cool ideas. I’d have to agree with some friends that the concept behind this could definitely a bit scary. Though, I suppose since almost all of the personal identifying information has been removed making this information simply numbers. Definitely going to watch to see what else pops up.

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