A Different Spin on Tragedy

Everyone has read, or should have read, about the shooting in Minnesota yesterday. I am not going to talk about the sadness and loss, my thoughts go out to those families, but that is not what this is about.

What the hell makes your life so bad that you would do something that stupid? How is your life so much worse than mine or anyone elses? Something is very wrong with our family systems if kids can not find the means to cope with the stresses of school. Kids can be cruel, but you know what? Life is cruel. Get used to it. Kids have always had a hard time in highschool in particular. Puberty sets in (for some), and everyone starts to feel very weird about there body and about life in general. This is not an excuse for why this happens, on the contrary. This is justification for why this isn’t an excuse for things like this to happen. This has been happening since the dawn of the modern educational system. You’re not the first person to get picked on or have a hard time. So suck it up, and soon you’ll move on with life and get away from the people you dislike. This does not give you the right to kill innocent people. Yes, they are innocent regardless of whatever they have done to you, if only because they are experiencing the same puberty-induced weirdness that you are going through and may just be “dealing” with it differently.

In conclusion, suck it up and deal with it like everyone else has before you, you’re not special, you’re not getting it “extra bad”…you’re just a sad, pathetic child who can’t handle the “stress” (and trust me, you haven’t experienced anything yet, kid) of growing up.