Yes, it is Intentional

Yes, I know there has been a lack of “personal” posts as of late. This is fully intentional. Primarily this is for two fold: one, I have been in the wonderfully simple process of trying to figure out my life and two, I’ve been leading a rather boring life as of late. Besides the building and completion of my new computer I honestly haven’t been up to much of anything. Everyday is the same schedule except for slight rare variation from the monotony. I’ll be playing volleyball Thursday night, which I guess right now is the closest thing to excitement in my week. Lol…yes, I am aware that that sounds quite boring, and in fact it is. However, boring is quite a good thing for me right now. To say the least, my head has felt like a jumble of confusion and mixed up thoughts lately. The simplest explanation I have been able to come up goes like this:

Imagine sitting in the passenger seat of a car and you are looking at the frost cover window as the images flying by you. Being a passenger is particularly important because it emphasisizes how I feel like I’m not really in control of where ever I am going.  You know there are things out there, and you would love to be able to see and comprehend what you are seeing, but you can’t quite seem to be able to focus clearly and make out that which you are seeing. It makes it especially frustrating because you remember what it felt like to be sitting still and to have the ability to clearly distinguish those things.

That’s the best explanation I have, for better or for worse. …And such is life