Finally something personal…

Well, I haven’t been blogging my recently, well less than normal for me, lol. When I have been posting they have almost entirely been of a technology nature. This is not entirely accidental. I obviously find it a lot easier to post about things that are quite so close to home. These past few days (about a week now) I have been really down. I mean, really down. Anyone who knows me, knows how much of a technology/computer nerd I am. To give you an idea how down I was feeling, I didn’t even have the energy or drive to blog. Yeah, I know, it was that bad. I’ve instead wasted my time this past week either sleeping an excessive amount, I’ve been averaging 10 hours a night, watching tv/movies (just watched Return of the Kind Extended Edition, yes: all 4+ hours of it), and playing World of Warcraft…in fact here are 2 more screenshots of my latest exploits:


Caption: Flying on the back of a griffin, over certain death actually…lol


Caption: Yes, They celebrated Christmas inside the game world also, in fact, there was even a “Father Christmas”…

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