I just realized something

I just realized that I really haven’t posted anything even vaguely personal in quite some time. Everything lately has been almost strictly tech, web, or internet-related. For that, I apologize. I guess I’ve been in a little bit of a slump lately and have been trying not to address it openly. I can’t even quite explain what’s been up. All I want to do is sleep, all the time, all day. I rarely wake up feeling totally rested even when I do get “enough” sleep. This weekend is Halloween…whoopie. As you can pick up, I am not exactly excited. I’ve never been such a fan of this holiday. All too often it’s just an excuse for people to do stupid things just because they are behind a mask of pseudo-anonymity. Ah well, I have a ton of work to get done this weekend anyways so we’ll see how much I actually get to enjoy Halloween. Back to work I go.


iPod Photo: New Pictures

I must be slippin … this came out 2 days ago and I am just now getting around to posting about it.

Anyways, Apple released a new iPod…. a 40GB and 60GB iPod Photo. Check the specs, look at the pics, point and laugh (I will be).

iPodPhoto Gallery

  • # Take up to 15,000 songs or up to 25,000 photos wherever you go
  • # Auto-sync your music, photos and album art with iTunes 4.7
  • # Sharp, vivid 2-inch Color LCD screen displays more than 65 thousand colors
  • # Connect iPod Photo to a projector or TV and give slideshows — complete with music
  • # Enjoy up to 15 hours of continuous music thanks to extended battery life(2)
  • # Copy full-resolution photos to iPod Photo as a backup or to transfer originals to another system
  • # Find songs and photos fast with the Apple Click Wheel
  • # Use iPod Photo with Mac OSX or Windows 2000/XP
  • A cool little iPod Commercial:

    Hip Hop Commercial

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    Exclusive: MSN Messenger v7.0 Build 0332 Refresh

    I am proud to offer you an exclusive download, this is the newest build of MSN Messenger v7.0 …literally this was released to beta testers about 45 minutes ago.

    *Download Now*

    Top fixes in this version:

  • *Contact list spacing issues
  • *Right click “Get this emoticon” on a Premium, i.e. Blue Mountain® emoticon will crash
  • *”Sent” vs. “Send” when sending a nudge to an older client.
  • *Pinned emoticons now shows 60/60.
  • *Crying face emoticon 😥 and disappointed emoticon now appear differently in the emoticon dropdown.
  • *Close and Minimize buttons are hidden only at the smallest width of the main window when in frameless mode.
  • *And many more.
  • *News source: Beta Place
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    mozillaZine: Firefox 1.0 RC 1 Released

    Get Firefox!

    Firefox 1.0 RC1 Released

    I’d highly recommend downloading this for anyone who is a follower of this amazing software, and if you’re not Then it’s time to switch

    Get the RC here:

    Firefix from Mozzila.org’s FTP Site

    If your favorite extensions are broken because of the version change, this is a to get them working again:

  • 1. Make sure hidden files are visible
  • 2. Open C:/Documents and Settings/Application Date/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/randomname/extensions/Extensions.rdf
  • 3. Change all instances of maxVersion=”0.10″ to maxVersion=”1.0”
  • Changes

  • * Application Update! (see read more)
  • * Find toolbar, which received quite a few bug fixes.
  • * Gecko and website rendering—we took a few significant layout/css fixes.
  • * Migration from other browsers on first run (You can just rename your profile directory to trigger migration.)
  • * Single window mode (load all pop-ups in new tabs,) set in the Advanced panel of the browser Options/Preferences window.
  • * Focus interaction between tabs, which was changed to fix several security vulnerabilities.
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    Site Updates

    It was brought to my attention that the Contact me and the Tell-a-Friend links while pretty and exciting weren’t functional. It turns out I had the email settings switched around, so now both of those should be working correctly. Also, you may or may not have noticed that the sidebar has changed slightly, this was to make it work cross browser and cross platform. It’s a compromise I was willing to make. Apparently IE doesn’t like negative margins…damn you MS. Some people may have noticed the alternating backgrounds on the comments and the alternating backgrounds on the referral page this was recently accomplished with the help of a wonderful site called EE Designs…granted if you don’t use EE you won’t find it all that useful but that is not the point. 

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