So Excited for Halo 2

I just downloaded a new video showing a lot of Halo 2’s multiplayer action and let me just tell you, oh my god. By far the coolest thing that I saw was this thing called Proximity Voice. Basically what this means is that while playing online (with the optional headset) you can speak and only people who would hear you in real life (those just in your immediate vacinity) will be able to hear you. So for example if you kill someone in a one on one duel you can stand over there body and talk trash to just them. LOL  While this doesn’t sound like a big deal to the non-geek, think about the technology behind that seemingly simple feature. The engine has to determine:

  • 1. You’re speaking.
  • 2. Someone is close to you.
  • 3. That the distance is “reasonable”…given whatever algorithm they use to determine this.
  • 4. Then, and only then, can people in the near vacinity will be able to hear you.
  • 5. oh yeah, this happens in less than a second.
  • Anyways, enough rambling. This game is going to kick so much ass. I can’t decide which I am more excited about, Halo 2 or Half Life 2 big surprise Too much fun and goodness…stupid classes. LOL

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