Lots to talk about

Here goes the short version of a whole lot of information to share.

I finally got a new video card. Nvidia Geforce MX 5200 PCI, yes PCI … I don’t have any available AGP slots. I am so sick of “dude, you should get an AGP card instead of a PCI card” …not shit. If I had that option I would have. Anyways…the improvements have been noticable and quite nice. I can run Doom 3, gasp, and get this at “High Quality” with most of the eye candy enabled. I was also able to finally run the Flurry OSX-clone screensaver…this was another gauage of the improvement. …Now I just need to find some games to play tongue laugh … lets see, whatelse?

I had linux running on my iPod for a few days. It was pretty cool though I sadly must admist quite useless. It wouldn’t load my library or playlists which renders the iPod quite ineffective huh? Just FYI, it was a stripped down version of the 2.4 linux kernel, you can find information about it here, iPod Linux. I would have posted some screen shots except I couldn’t figure out how to take a picture, but I was unable to figure out how not to get a glare on the screen.  I’ll have to write Part 2 of this later…pie and housemates are a callin’ red face 

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