You know who you are…

I can’t quite put these thoughts into words

Alone I feel and yet I feel so close to you

How is it that two people so similar can get along so well

What happened to “opposites attract”

Obviously that’s not true

It’s easier if your best friend understands

If she knows how dark it feels down here

If we were opposites she could be sympathetic

But sometimes that’s just not the same thing

It’s interesting that it took 2 years before we really became close

I guess it’s hard to be close friends when we shared her

Things happened for a reason and I am glad that out of that mess

You came into my life

It’s ironic but it makes me feel good knowing I can help you when you need me most

I know you don’t like that

You try to be strong

You try to be independent

I am glad you let your guard down (at least some what) with me

We all need a safe place where we can just be ourselves

I like the idea of us being old together

I like the idea of us remaining in touch for years to come

Several major challenges exist

But somehow I think we’ll manage just fine

Thank you for being you

Thank you for understanding

Thank you for listening

I know guys are stupid

But please don’t cry

If they hurt you I’ll be there to help you dry your eyes

They lied when they said older means more mature

Just try and keep this in mind

You’re an amazing girl

I know you won’t believe me

But If they can’t see that

Then it’s there loss

You’ll find that guy

He’ll treat you right

He won’t make you cry

But if he does he’ll answer to me