Heading out soon


I wonder why big events always make us reflect. Seriously, what are the freakin chances of anything terrible bad happening? Less than a tenth of a percent probably, but I just want to get some thoughts out anyways…

Liz – I’ve try to maintain this blog with little if any use of names simply for the sake of trying to remain somewhat anonymous I guess. It no way, shape, or form does this mean you are not always on my mind. You’ve been an amazing part of my life. My life has been…interesting and a bit confusing this past year. I am glad to admit that you’ve been a highlight of this otherwise sad year.

Thank you for being in my life. I am forever in your debt.

I love you baby, please know that.

I’ll keep the sappiness to a minimum. I hope that I explain a little bit more of my feelings for you when it’s just you and I. If not please let me know and I will be sure to try and to elaborate a bit more…I already miss you.

Everyone else (you know who you are) – You’re all amazing. Each and everyone of you find a different way to bright up every single day. That is a great gift to give, so I’d like to say thank you and I hope I may be able to return the favor sometimes.

Emptiness doesn’t describe this feeling. It’s a lot more complexthan that. Emptiness implies a certain sense of hopelessness. I am not feeling like I lack hope…Conversely I am counting the days until I see you smile again, until our eyes meet, and my arms are around you holding you close. That, is hope.

I don’t quite know why, but I think summers are interesting if nothing else than to show how very different while still being similar we all are. We will all be living very different lives over this summer and yet I know as soon as we all return to good ol’ Po-Town and Vassar it’ll be like we left eachother for a long weekend. It always seems funny to me how far divergent out lives are when we are away, but how very quickly that gap narrows and is elimated almost immediately upon return. Ah well…I am rambling because I am just tired.  tongue wink I’ll talk to you all soon…hopefully all this sun won’t fry my brain too much…

cool smile  < — that's me chillin on the beach


Just a pic from last time we went…lol, yeah…we’re real cool ! LOL

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