Feeling Strange

I don’t know why I feel so strange. I feel like time is flying by, and yet I am standing still and unable to keep up. The summer is basically already half over. What the f—? I don’t feel relaxed, barely. I am desparately looking forward to this vacation (41 hours…not that I’m counting or anything tongue laugh ) But another part of me has figured out what the vacation means….it means that going back to school is that much closer. Next year is going to be a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong, and living in my house is going to be great, but shit….seriously, i don’t know if i am ready for another year to start just yet. Ah well. It’s not here yet right? So I should just enjoy the fact that a robin is washing himself in the bird bath outside my window here at work and just chill. The bird is actually pretty cute actually….it’s raining and yet he/she feels the need to wash in the bird bath…such smart animals. LOL  Anyways…back to work I guess.