Reflecting a bit…

Well, I am in fact sitting here, watching the Boston Red Sox possibly starting what may become an amazing comeback *fingers crossed*.

I feel kinda weird honestly. I feel empty and lonely now that Liz is gone. It’s really nice having your Vassar friends (girlfriend) see where you live. It was nice haing Liz meet my brother, my cat, and my town. I was a bit nervous honestly. She had met my parents, but it’s a different thing entirely when you see them when you wake up first thing in the morning or see them when they afre headed off to bed. I think it went well anyways.

Well…as it appears the Red Sox are gonna fall short of this comeback, Ortiz and Ramirez just got schooled by this rookie pitcher. Ah well.

I’m looking forward to an interesting summer. By interesting I mean relatively uneventful. Vacation is going to be amazing I think. Just to get this down somewhere sort of public, June 30th – July 12th. Then late July I’ll be heading down to NYC to chill with Clare in her apartment. However, between now and then I’ll be working, reading, sleeping, computer stuff, thursday night volleyball, and working out hopefully 4-5 a week (ideally Monday – Friday).

I do realize this is a boring post, but I’ll write something a bit more thought provoking later hopefully.


Here at work

So I am sitting here at work, currently with nothing to do. I hate that ackward period of time where you know you have something you could do, but there is no possible way you’d finish it before you were supposed to leave for something else (lunch in this case). I just feel unproductive and lazy. Ah well, I will get back to being busy after lunch. So I know there hasn’t been many changes to the blog since I’ve been home…this has been due to my recent lack of creativity. I apoligize for this. Hopefully there will be some new things coming about in the next week or so. I won’t have a chance to change anything this weekend because LIZ IS COMING! So check back next week and maybe I will have the CSS changer at least started.

So I’m playing volleyball tonight for the first time since November. Boy will I ever be sore tomorrow, lol. I guess it’s especially good timing that Liz will be coming tomorrow…I am sure I will desparately be in need of a good back rub. There’s nothing like playing recreational volleyball with a bunch of men my father’s age or older. lol…Hopefully this time I wouldn’t get yelled at for hitting too hard.


Graduates 2004 (AKA Unemployed 2004)…

I would just like to extend my greatest joy in saying congradulations to all the graduating seniors of the Vassar class of 2004. Now it’s off to the real world, or just more school for a lot of you.


I guess this now means we’re all that much closer to doing the same thing, huh guys?


OSX’s Shapshifter is just wrong… -> WIRED sayng shapeshifter for OSX is pioneering skinning
This is just ridiculous. You ask any modder who has used both Windows and OSX and they will easily tell you with very little difficultly that simple in terms of variety of choice Windows is the clear winner. To even suggest that Shapeshifter is “pioneering skinning” it’s just absurd. As much as we all hate Stardock’s Windowblinds…if any program has changed the area of Windows modding the most it would have to be this, by far.

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More OSX things…

The Icons
This is a damn nice site that walks a PC user through the steps of changing the taskbar icons (think volume, display, etc) to their much improved OSX counterparts.
*Note: This is a little bit dangerous as you are altering default system files. I would not suggest this unless you are comfortable doing this, or just have no fear…

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CSS: What I’ve learned in 4 months

4 months ago I had never used CSS. I had never thought about using CSS. Hell, I didn’t even know what CSS stood for. Now, 4 months later..I cannot honestly imagine ever creating another site without using it. I don’t understand how I managed the site creation and updating aspects of web design prior to using this marvel of technological genius. It makes perfect sense to have the content separate from the style. Strictly for the sake of clarity it is understandable. If you look at it in terms of dynamic manipulation through the use of such tools as EditCSS for Firefox than it is an indispensable asset to any designer. Yes, it would be possible to simply use a WYSIWYG, but honestly who wants to do that anymore? Give me a text editor any day now that I have at least a comfortable basis in XHTML and CSS. This site relies heavily on CSS and will hopefully be implimenting some more creative design schemes in the near future.

The current plan is to include a CSS Theme Switcher pretty soon. I just need to sit down and crank out a few decent looking themes that I am happy with and then I will make the switcher for all of you to play with to your hearts content.

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I should have just gone to bed…

I felt like crap this evening for no apparent reason. Then I decided to watch Butterfly Effect which ultimately ends with a sad ending (no surprise there for anyone who hasn’t seen it). Now for some reason I am left feeling completely and absolutely empty and alone. This is my main problem with the summer…far too much time to sit here and ruminate on the fact that I’m here alone. Even if I rationally know that I’m not actually alone, that still does not seem to help how I feel. Oh whatever, I’ll just go to bed and stop thinking some much.

Tunes: Damien Rice – Cannonball (5:09)