My Techology Rant

I guess this doesn’t fit into any one category, and for that matter any on blog…This is my personal rant regarding technology, the internet, and inovation as we know it. All of you silly “technology is evil” and “technology is corrupting the minds of our youth”…let me just say this: Where is your money stored? Where are you medical records kept? …This is technology. There is no escaping the vast influence that technology now plays in our lives. Even individuals for whom technology is a sin in there way of life (the mormons) there is still little hope of totally isolating one self from this wave of influence.

You keep your money in a bank right? How do you think that bank keeps track of where and how much money you have saved there? It’s called a database for those who are less technology inclined, and guess what? It’s in fact stored on a computer probably just as expensive as that little foreign import of a car you’re driving. Imagine a bank trying to manage the accounts of several thousand individuals, each with at the simplest one checking and one savings account. You can see the point behind this…it would be impossible and ridiculously impractical.

As for your medical records…typically those condemning technology are those whom are, shall we say, older. Imagine if you are dragged into the emergency room for some terrible reaction to a drug you just started taking. Without the aid of modern technology, most notably the internet, the doctor would have little if any prior knowledge of your medical history. They give you aspirin? you’re allergic to it? oops, they didn’t have anyway of knowing that. You get the point.

Technology is not an evil that is spreading across the world. In all actuality the internet is an empowering voice to though who would otherwise be oppressed and silenced. Take for example China. Modern day China is in fact a thriving and extremely prosperous nation. However, the current goverment is uber strict and has a very vague concept of the idea of free speach or free press. The internet has enabled citizens of this authoritarian hell access to different viewpoints from around the world, outside of what there “all knowing” goverment tells them. The internet serves as a way for these individuals to produce works, be it websites, literature, artwork, etc that enables the spread of there ideas without fear of scrutiny and punishment from the ruling body.

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Founder’s Day and the Future

So tomorrow is Founders Day. Whoopie-freakin-do.

I feel like this day is so blown out of proportion and is used as a very sad excuse to act like a fool for a day. Do something stupid? Say something mean? …blame it on the fact that you may (or may not) have been drunk and/or high. As for escaping from your problems? …guess what people, they will still be there come sunday morning when you wake up with that monster headache. now, not only are you stressed, now your entire body is hurting like hell. I just don’t get it.

Will I drink tomorrow? Yeah, probably.

Will I get drunk tomorrow? No, I really would doubt it.

These next few weeks are going to either make or break me. Yes, regardless of the nice, organized face i blindly throw up for everyone else’s sake, Justin is in fact not doing so hot….yes, still. It’s ironic that i have to work my ass off like crazy next few weeks and not see my friends before i leave them for 4 months. but hey, that’s how school goes right? priorities have to be like that as much as it sucks.

Anyhow…everyone have a good day tomorrow, enjoy it, be safe, and be careful…

And, don’t do anything you can’t tell me about :o)


Feeling Tired

How do I keep doing this? Why is it that I can’t get my life back into order and then keep it there? Whenever I feel like it’s starting to make sense it seems to fall apart again. I am very ready to be done with this year. It’s been in all likelihood one of the worst to date. I am not trying to be overly dramatic, I honestly thing that is a true statement. Anyhow, back to the endless mounds of work I go…