Tupac was right

“picture me rollin…” so simple and yet it says so much.

“Some call me a poet,

Otherscall me a thug.

Some say I’m an artist,

Others say I’m a problem.

I just say I’m speaking my mind.”



Spring Break Plans?

Any fellow Vassar people who read this by chance, feel free to drop me a comment and let me know what you’ll be up to for Spring Break. Thank you god…I need this break so much.

My plans consist of going home early Friday, chilling, sleeping, eating good food, playing with my kitten, and doing a whole lot of work. Then I am going to go to Buffalo/Boston and chill with my brother for a few days. Thursday (19th) I am going to see Liz in LI. I can’t wait. Saturday night when she goes to a show with her family I have a date with Clare. lol. I think it will be a nice and relaxing Spring Break. Enjoy the break all.


Spring Break?

holy shit, spring break in 2 weeks? what?  wow…almost time to be a senior, that is scary as all hell. so not ready for that yet (well, maybe a senior).

time just keeps flying by, week after week goes by and yet every day seems so slow and strenuous. oh well, and so life goes.