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RT @TheNextWeb: 5 companies building keyboards for iOS 8


RT @TeamARIN: Eliminating the last reasons to not enable #IPv6 via @CloudFlare…

Y U No IPv^?

RT @secretGeek: Broke production. Fixed production. Received praise for fixing production. I can do this trick all day.

RT @CloudFlare: Eliminating the last reasons to not enable IPv6 | CloudFlare Blog #ipv6day

RT @4chan: IPv6 support for 4chan – Today we’re pleased to announce support for IPv6 on all of @4chan‘s domains, thanks…

DOJ to judge: “what do you mean ‘stop destroying evidence’ meant we needed to stop destroying evidence?!”

DOJ Admits It’s Still Destroying Evidence In NSA Case; Judge Orders Them (Again) To Stop; DOJ Flips Out

xkcd: Turbine

hiding somethin? RT @EFF Gov files emergency motion to stay court’s order insisting it retain NSA spying evidence.

IS IT TIME YET TO TALK ABOUT GUN CONTROL?! RT @cnnbrk One person dies in shooting at Seattle Pacific University

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